Warranty and Returns



SKI KEY LOCKS are covered by a ” Life Time Warranty” and will be replaced should it ever fail to operate properly. As with any lock it is important to occasionally lubricate the lock with either oil, a silicone spray or WD 40 to assure it functions properly. In the event your lock fails to operate please follow the steps below to have it replaced under WARRANTY.

  1. Make sure you first lubricate your lock by applying lubricant to the key insert and the side hole of the lock, then test after lubricating. 
  2. Check to make sure you did not inadvertently bend the key in any way, causing the key to get stuck in the lock. If stuck, use a pair of pliers to remove the key. using the necessary force to remove.
  3. If there is no oblivious physical damage to the lock and it does not function properly after following Steps 1 & 2 above you may return the lock to the place of purchase.
  4. Return the lock with at least 1 original key to any Retail Ski Shop even if you purchased it online, all warranty replacement must be done at a authorized retail shop selling SKI KEY,


 Return Policy for SKIKEY.com Online Purchases ONLY:

  1. Locks maybe returned up to 30 days after purchase date.
  2. Send returned locks to SKI KEY SYSTEMS LTD Suite 501, 1228 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B6L2
  3. Locks must be in original packaging and unopened.
  4. Upon receiving the returned locks Ski Key Systems will process a credit to the credit card used to make the original online purchase.
  5. An email to the buyer will follow the transaction confirming the credit has been issued.
  6. In the event the locks are returned in less than new condition or have been damaged in anyway the company reserves the right to reject the credit request and return the product to the buyer at the buyers’ expense.